The first act of architecture is to design.
The next one is to materialise it.

Behind this luminous simplicity relies on the complex reality of our agency's daily work.

Therefore, before inventing the right, elegant, evident architectural style, we must mobilise all of our intelligence as a multidisciplinary team to:

  • Give meaning and a unique identity to the project.

  • Maintain the strength of the link between the creative challenge presented to us and the necessary contextual approach of the program (cultural, urban, environmental, technological, economic).

  • Explore and understand each potential to go beyond passing fashions and trends and aim for the sustainable and the universal.

  • Make choices, arbitrate, support, and present alternative hypotheses.

  • Communicate, listen, accept contradictions, and keep ourselves in constant questioning.

  • We are realistic designers and pragmatic creators.

  • We are confirmed tightrope walkers.

Our broad range of skills allows us to work as "specialists" in diverse fields such as construction, heavy rehabilitation, and urban development for private and public clients.

The precise processes and methodologies used by the ATELA ARCHITECTES team allow us to support projects of various scales, from the tiny (individual houses, shops, restaurants, offices) to the large scale (collective housing, residential and commercial complexes, eco-districts, towers, company headquarters).

The great cultural mix of the team allows the agency to go beyond the French and European borders to work in Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, etc. We think of architecture as a culture that goes beyond itself and creates a link between artists, philosophers and sociologists, designers, and inventors of ideas.